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Committing to
Wild & Brave coaching is knowing now is the time to design a life that is your truth

Committing to
Wild & Brave coaching is knowing now is the time to design a life that is your truth. As we align on your Wild & Brave adventure, I hold space for this transformational process as you follow the trail of Holy Breadcrumbs, the moments of clarity and insight that create authentic awakening, inspired action and sustainable change.

If you’re looking for

• A deeper understanding of yourself,

• A massive upgrade in your energy & frequency which affects all that you

• Feel daily love, gratitude, joy, expansiveness,

• An inner sanctuary of peace & harmony,

• Radical self-love and acceptance,

• Creating Vision of yourself and your future that is not embedded in the past,

• The ability to create meaningful rituals & purposeful routines in your life that
   serve the divine feminine and masculine aspects of your being,

• Ways to ignite your passion by finding your deeper meaning,

• Techniques & tools to alleviate stress and anxiety,

• Strategies to eliminate negative beliefs and thoughts that do not serve you,

• Support in creating a purposeful and healthy daily routine and lifestyle,

Then this Wild & Brave coaching adventure is for you.

Transformation of your life begins with the soft, soul whisperings that over time, permeate into the world as authentic goals, strategies and shifts in behaviour and mindset. When we align, magic happens. There is not one formula, not one strategy for success.

This is a commitment to you, a deep dive together that is about you embodying your soul speak and empowering yourself, creating so much more lightness and grace in your daily life.


You will feel so much more confident and with more clarity.

You will have extra vitality without the emotional resistance

You will be living daily by your core desires, and feeling daily into your vision of your future.

Have a daily routine and lifestyle that is totally congruent with your true self.

Release old paradigm thinking and replace with authentic empowering mindset.

You will learn new strategies that will support you emotionally for the rest of your life.

I have created a few packages to suit you.

Wild & Brave Coaching 

The number of sessions in a coaching relationship varies depending on the client and the issue. Sometimes things are resolved quite quickly while others take longer to unpack. A good guide would be to expect at least 3 - 6 sessions.

Firstly, we have a 20 - 30 minute session where we can take our first deep dive into what you want for yourself and from me on this journey together. You can ask about me, my approach and this is the time when we know if we align energetically.

Wild & Brave Life Coaching

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What you will receive in our 

Wild & Brave Adventure together

A pre-coaching extensive questionnaire.

Email/text support

Healy Quantum session

Weekly Joy work


2 personally made essential oil blends,

Wild blend for your intuitive, feminine awakening and Brave blend for your courageous inspired action

Personalised EFT (emotional freedom technique) processes to release old beliefs, resistance or stagnant emotions

I am here holding the space for you

Soul Solo Session

75 minutes


Soul Couple Session

75 minutes


Student Session

75 minutes


3 Session Package


6 Session Package


6 Session
Couple's Package

2 joint sessions & 2 individual sessions each


 *Refund/Cancellation Policy Applies

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