Clare Rose Oil Mentor

We now are at the turning point that unless we focus on our own personal healing journey, we do not have the capacity to help change the world

My love of aromatherapy began in my 20’s and it was my first true knowing that a passion can feel like coming home.

I left it behind for nearly twenty years as the quality of essential oils got poorer the more popular they became. When I was introduced to doTERRA back in 2013 I was a complete cynic that an oil could be therapeutic, healing and 100% pure.

And then I smelt and drank some doTERRA Wild Orange and I was returned Home.

My passion and purpose is around connection back to self- true leadership can only come from within. Having the oils in our daily life creates a beautiful effect of raising our frequency, our mood, helping us release what no longer serves. My belief is when you pull the emotional root out, you no longer will have the physical symptoms.


We now are at the turning point that unless we focus on our own personal healing journey, we do not have the capacity to help change the world.


Your personal solution becomes a global solution.


In my own life, doTERRA Essential Oils, the Lifelong Vitality supplements and their range of clean, green products provide us with safe, natural alternatives to synthetic, chemical and pharmaceutical alternatives. I have been well from Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia, I have had emotional resilience & buoyancy. My daughter cannot remember a time without the oils by her side. She has only known Mental/Emotional Reset or Rest days. She has been so healthy, she has not been to a doctor in the last 8 years.


As a company, doTERRA is a leader in corporate ethics. Primarily focussing on preventative health care and our responsibility to ourselves, our communities and our fragile earth. The main reason I chose doTERRA as a company to align with, besides their absolute purity of their oils and scientific research is their co-impact sourcing. They give so much back to each community, with over 45 countries involved. This is 21st century wholistic business practices in action.

So welcome aboard to my passionate Oil Lovers community of like minded Wild and Brave souls committed to raising the energy of their owns lives to create change, awareness and abundance in the collective.


I’m here to help you.

My desire is to inspire, educate and connect you back to yourself,

your inner knowing with plant medicine

If you need some help with:

  • your energy

  • your immunity

  • raising your mood

  • stress and anxiety

  • self love and care

  • inflammation

  • green home solutions

  • lifestyle overhaul


Then becoming a wholesale customer is your gateway to well-being on all levels.


If you'd like to enjoy the benefits of doTERRA Oils in your home/office,

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Or if you need some guidance to what oils you need, Connect With Me for a complimentary aroma wellness session.

With me, you’ll find trust, a healing haven and a collective of beautiful like minded souls & open hearts. You will enjoy the flow on effects of living this essential radiant life.


I would love to see you soon.