About Clare Rose

My Holy Breadcrumbs lead me
Home to myself

​I started out being a light filled wild and brave soul, like we all do, but I started to hide these divine aspects to fit into the mould of my family.

I morphed into...

The Good Girl. The Peacemaker. The Mediator. The Counsellor.

And as I entered my twenties and beyond I was embodying

The Giver. The Servant. The Victim. The Good Wife. The Good Mother.

If you are Ok, then I am Ok...was my co-dependent mantra.

Until Spirit came knocking on my door. And if you don’t answer, the knock just gets louder.


I was giving so much, and being so nice, I was making myself sick. Literally.

Giving my time to whoever needed it, l left myself empty, drained with rising resentment that I suppressed until I couldn’t anymore. It came out in a myriad of toxic ways. My belief is that most physical illnesses are our teachers and can take us to the emotional roots of our symptoms. I chose fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue as my sign posts that change was required BIG Time. As doctors prescribed antidepressants and anti-inflammatories, I chose a different journey that created the most meaningful healing change in my life. I chose that this moment of darkness would be my greatest gift.


My breakdown was my breakthrough.


I chose to let go of the stories and the burdens.

I chose to take personal responsibility and lead myself out of this wilderness.

I allowed myself to heal and be well.

I allowed myself to dream BIG.

I chose to walk my own path.


My vision became my Holy path. My intuition provided me with the Holy breadcrumbs that guided my way. I awakened to still be a compassionate, spiritual, intuitive, wildly dancing, flowing woman, and totally have my own back at the same time. I felt myself transforming all that feminine elixir into inspired action and empowered responsibility.

It was a powerful concoction

I took responsibility for my emotions, my moods, and with that came more authentic connections and everything got a lot more real, raw and Awesome.

I have chosen a Life defined by my Values and my Desires.

Clare Rose | Coaching

I consciously chose what I wanted to feel and I started to get results immediately.

I truly have had walked this Wild and Brave path - I will not stray off for anyone now. My heart guides me, my soul ignites me and I follow their directions with complete trust.


From deciding to go off the mainstream path to be plant based 33 years ago, I have made choices to live consciously, co- creating my life with some wild adventures.


When I choose to follow someone else I get myself very lost.

In the last few years, I have done some radical shifts. I consciously uncoupled from a 20 year marriage. We have found love and grace in our new relationship as parents and life long friends. I have created a successful entrepreneurial business. I have done some Wild and Brave travelling, including two month long adventures to South Africa in 2018/19.


I am truly loving guiding others. It is a privilege to witness the transformation and joy that emanates when you have awakened fully to living a Wild & Brave Life. All the modalities I use with my clients, I work with on a daily basis. I am an Internationally certified Life Coach and AromaTouch practitioner and teacher.


The vision just keeps growing and expanding.


I am fortunate to live on the wonderful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Most mornings you will find me at the beach at sunrise with my dog Tashi. Oh I also have a beautiful teenage daughter who is my Teacher on a daily basis! I adore travelling far and wide, guiding people on a Wild and Brave Life, I would love to have you in my community of Wild and Brave souls, sharing this wild ride, and living the vision of our best, authentic selves.

Wild & Brave Life